Why I Blog

I’ve never really been asked the question as to why I blog, not even when I began and it was just getting started or most familiar amongst internet circles. I think it more or less became a natural progression after writing for a newsletter regularly. I think it was more or less an outlet for my writing, in and of itself. However, when it comes down to it, I think it was more or less because I had to.

I guess some could say that I didn’t need to blog, but there was something different about blogging. There was somewhat of a hidden accountability to write with having a blog. At first I wrote more as if I were journaling, which evolved into more of a devotional style of writing, which I still maintain to a large degree. However, my main purpose – the ultimate reason in blogging – still has something to do with that accountability factor to write regularly if you know there are people reading it. More so, I blog to encourage and offer support to others.

You see, I have a chronic illness. Parkinson’s disease (PD). Young Onset PD (YOPD), to be specific.

I was misdiagnosed in the early 90’s with Lupus, only to be correctly diagnosed in 2004 with YOPD. Since that cold, rainy day in January, now nine years ago (gosh, Dr. S – has it already been that long?!?), I have met in person, over the phone, and on the internet, countless others who are making a similar journey having this disease or journeying with another chronic illness. Others who are hurting physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually. Others who are confused, depressed, discouraged. Others who have lost hope, who have given up (or want to).


I have also met others who have found faith. Who live with hope. Who exude joy in the midst of their circumstances.

I blog for both of these types of people who suffer day in and day out. For those in need of encouragement and hope and to support those finding it hard to rise above the pain they endure minute by minute. For those who are struggling to find any silver lining in the dark and stormy clouds that seem to hide their sunshine. Those who want answers and can’t seem to find any. I blog for those who have hope in their circumstances, that they might have more and keep pressing on so that they can be an even more encouragement to others. Those who give and give and need a reprieve and a ‘fill-up’. And what about me? My fill-up comes in the process, the writing. I consider it a responsibility to a ‘gift’, a (and I say this most humbly) talent, that God so graciously gave to me. (I don’t know why – I’ve never asked!) To just write in a journal when I feel God asked me to ‘publish his works’ would be wrong for me.

I was reading through the Old Testament several years ago and in my reading, came across a verse that popped off the page and became a part of my life ‘mission’:

“…Each day proclaim the good news that he saves. Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does. Great is the Lord!…” (Ps. 96:2-4)

So, each day I try to proclaim the good news in a new way. To publish his glorious deeds (among the nations – and my Feedjit record says it’s working!), and to tell others about the amazing things he does. And you know, He was some pretty amazingly awesome things in me and through me and from meeting others through my blog, I have heard about some pretty amazingly awesome things as well.

Eric Liddell, the famous Olympian who ran and won the 400 meter race in the 1924 Summer Olympics for Great Britain, said of his desire to run: “I believe God made me for a purpose… And when I run I feel His pleasure.” When I first heard that quote, it summarized (well) how I felt about my writing.

I write because I believe God gave me the ability to pen His words in such a way that they are often able to encourage others and when I write what he has moved me to write, I feel His pleasure. There’s not one feeling that can top that.

For me, it came down to this one statement that pretty much sums it up: “I write to live and I live to write.

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