I love lists. Grocery lits. Cleaning lists. To Do lists. I like checking things off on lists and feeling a sense of accompishment. If you search around my website, you’ll find lists: a list of books to read about Parkinson’s disease, a list of resources (websites, articles, etc), a list of blogs related to PD and more.

Today I am (hopefully with your help) going to start a list of doctors. Doctors who have earned the respect of the patients within the PD/Movement Disorder community. 

It can often be extremely difficult for people with movement disorders to find a doctor who can best treat them in regars to their disease and often end up driving many miles to see their doctor when a good one may be right in their own town. And, to someone just starting out seeking for a qualified doctor, one name isn’t any different than the next.

Do you have a neurologist/movement disorder specialist that you trust? Respect? One that takes you seriously and makes you feel as if you’re not just another number and you matter? Stays currrent with treatment options?

If so, would you ming helping me make another list? A list of doctors (I’m concentrating on the United States but will include other countries if they come in) who specialize in movement disorders.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • The name of the doctor you would recommend.
  • Their location 
  • The physician should be a neurologist/Movement Disorder Specialist
  • Should be taking new patients
  • Why you recommend them (optional)
If  you can help, please leave a comment below (if you are reading this on the Parkinson’s Journey website) with the information above (your name will not be included unless you want it to be and comments will not be poste). Or, if you are reading this elsewhere (Facebook group or page, Twitter, etc), you can email the information to me (Sherri) at  parkinsonsjourney@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “WHO DO YOU GO TO?

  1. I recommend Dr. Martha McGraw, 25 N Winfield Rd OSB Suite 424, Winfield, Il 60190.
    Her office is located at Central DuPage Hospital. She is a neurologist, and she is accepting new patients. She has a wonderful team approach, and everyone I’ve met has been professional yet personable and extremely thorough!

    I also recommend Dr. Kathy Kujawa, 800 Biesterfield Rd, Suite 610, Elk Grove Village, Il. She is a neurologist, accepts new patients. Her office is located at Alexian Brothers Hospital. She is only there Tuesday and Thursdays; the other days she has an office in Glenview Illinois.

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