What Is DBS? …Exactly.

If you ask someone what DBS is they might reply…

“Deep Brain Stimulation.  That’s it.  DBS… Deep Brain Stimulation.”

If you asked someone else what DBS is, they might reply…

“Well, it’s a surgical procedure that involves cutting into the brain and putting some wires in there to help reduce tremors. Something like that.”

Okay.  So, you ask a third person and they reply…

“DBS” they begin, as they learned to answer in complete sentences, “is a medical procedure that involves surgically inserting an electrode into the brain, specifically in the area referred to as the basal ganglia, which controls complex movements.”

All three answers would be correct.  One is quite simplistic in its response, one a tad more filled with slightly more information and the last being the most informative.

Now, if you really want to know what it is, I have the answer for you.  Today I received my bill from the neurosurgeon for the DBS procedure he performed on my brain.  Here is the definition of DBS, in neurosurgeon-ese:

A craniotomy with electrodes involving an incision and subcutaneous  placement of a cranial neurostimulator pulse generator or receiver, with direct or inductive coupling, inconjunction with a connection to a single electrode array.

Try and say that five times without getting flustered.  I dare you.

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