Random Health Facts


I can’t remember where I  saw this compilation of health facts, but I thought they were kinda interesting. And as an added bonus, I’ve included my helpful advice.

  • When you walk uphill, the level of harmful fats in the bloodstream goes down. When you walk downhill, blood sugar levels are reduced. Alter your patterns of exercise depending on your health needs! My suggestion: Walk down the hill you walked up or walk up the hill you walked down!
  • If you take chewable Vitamin C tablets, make sure you brush your teeth afterwards, or at least rinse your mouth out. The tablets make your mouth acidic enough to start dissolving tooth enamel.  My suggestion: Drink lots of orange juice. Then you get the vitamin C while you rinse your mouth. 
  • Licking a wound actually does promote healing. Saliva helps disinfect wounds and kills bacteria. My suggestion: I really don’t promote licking your wounds. At least not in public.
  • Even though the average life expectancy in Japan, France and other countries is longer than the United States, if you reach age 80, statistically you have a greater chance of living longer in the United States. My suggestion: Be thankful if you make it to 80.
  • Do you know why eyes often turn red in a photograph? Blood. Really. The little black dot in the middle of your eye is not black. It’s clear. It only looks black because there’s no light coming from behind it for illumination. However, when a flash goes off, the light enters the eye and reflects off of what it finds. It finds blood vessels, blood is red, and that’s what reflects. My suggestion:  For your next family portrait, if you wish to minimize that ‘red-eye’ effect that can often occur, have everyone wear sunglasses.
  • Alcohol can be a double whammy for hip fractures in older people; not only does excessive drinking increase the risk of falls, but it also decreases bone density. My suggestion: Don’t drink and move.
  • Chocolate may be a more effective cough remedy than cough medicine, according to a study at Imperial College London. My suggestion: Because most people cough at least once during the day, whether due to a tickle in their throat, choking, a virus, etc., be sure to eat chocolate each day, several times a day.
  • Though it has lots of calcium, yogurt contains no vitamin D. Milk is fortified with D, and is the major dietary source of it, but the milk that yogurt is made from isn’t fortified. Vitamin D helps the body utilize calcium and build bone. My suggestion: Drink more milk. Add chocolate syrup so you don’t choke while guzzling it down (refer to prior health fact for clarification). Adding Oreos to the mix will increase the benefits.
  • Both green and black tea have enough flouride to fight tooth decay. Some studies show that tea, if you drink it daily over a lifetime, may also prevent heart disease and cancer. My suggestion: Make sure to start your youngsters early on learning to have their spot of tea in the afternoon. Don’t forget the scones.
  • To choose the best oranges, make sure it feels heavy for its size. That usually means more juice and more flavor. My suggestion: If you’ve decided to heed this navel advice, wear a bib.
  • Ounce for ounce, green peppers have three times more Vitamin C than oranges. My suggestion: Puree the green peppers to make pepper juice. Much like orange juice but green and much thicker, and – it will give you your needed Vitamin C while rinsing your mouth to prevent losing enamel. 
Journeying with you – 


Friday’s Funnies, Facts, and other Frivolous Findings


Okay, before watching all the holiday TV shows and movies so you  can hang Christmas lights, did you know that the best predictor of weight regain is frequent television viewing and that more than 500,000 Americans are injured and 300 die each year while using ladders? Keep in mind the 4-and-1 rule; for every 4 feet the ladder rises up the wall, the base of the ladder should extend 1 foot from the wall.  Be careful.

PD patients: did you note the cognitive function and depression and muscle protein synthesis aspects of Vitamin E? Ask your doctor if supplements might be beneficial to your drug therapy.


For all those people who know there’s something wrong with their cars but have no clue what the problem is or how much it’ll cost to fix, here’s a chart from a mechanic’s garage, along with prices:
Ping, Click, Ping-   $10
Click, Whir, Click – $30
Clunk, Whir, Lunk -$50
Thud, Clunk, Thud –  $100
Clang, Thud, Clang – $200
I Can’t Describe It –  $500

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