Sometimes We Win The Day’s Battle and That’s All There Is To It

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A person with Parkinson’s was heard saying, “Despite our willingness to face adversity (do we have a choice?), sometimes we win the day’s battle and sometimes not.”

I tend to be a bit more ‘the glass is half-full’ type of person. One of my favorite sayings is, ‘It could always be worse,” because the truth is, it could always be worse.

It frustrates me to hear people complain about the rain in the winter when all they did was complain about the heat and the fires and the droughts of summer. It irritates me to listen to some who gripe about how they don’t have this or they don’t have that when they are bringing home a six figure income or better but choose to live well beyond their means.

We all have types of adversity we must face. Some adversity is just a part of life as we know it. Some is due to poor choices. Some we have no choice – for whatever reason, we are just chosen. Some adversity is financial, some physical, some spiritually, mental, emotional. Some adversity lasts what seems like forever, some is temporary. Some seems unfair and some just plain isn’t ‘fair’.

Given all that, is it true that sometimes we win the day’s battle with adversity – whatever that adversity may be? According the the quote at the beginning of this article, yes and no.

It is probably safe to say, mind set has a lot to do with it. A person who struggles with depression is going to most likely say they won’t win the battle with adversity. Or a person sitting on death row. Or the woman who has lost her only child. Or the husband whose wife just left him for his best friend. Or the list could, and does, go on and on and on. But the truth is, if you make it one more day beyond the last, no matter what you face, you have faced it victoriously. You have stamped out the darkness one more day and chosen to live, no matter how dismal your life may seem today. It may not seem as if it’s much brighter, but look what you did: you made it through one more day. And if you can do that, you can make it through one more day and another and another.

Life can be and is so very hard. I do not look through it with rose colored glasses, though at times I would like to. But I often think of those who found life so full of adversity that they felt they simply could not make it through another day and chose not to – what if they had given life just one more day? What if they had reached out to a friend? What if they had sought help? What if… The only ones who can answer those questions are those who turn the page of their life-story and say yes to another day, no matter how hard it may seem.

I understand the feeling that comes from the quote that led to this article but I feel that if we can, we should leave no room for adding discouragement to our example of living, if we can at all help it.

Every day can be a victory or one of defeat. It’s our choice. I choose to make it through one more day, one day at a time, victoriously.

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