Sometimes Parkinson’s Gets Me

Poppy Pods by

today i don’t feel like me
today i don’t know what i feel like
but it isn’t me

i’m tired
i’m weary
i’m running the race
and i hope – running it well

but i’m tired
and i’m weary
and this thing –
this thing they call parkinson’s
it’s a thief

i can say i have parkinson’s and it doesn’t have me
but the truth?
truth is that sometimes…
just sometimes…
it really does have me

it gets my zip
my perk
my drive
and gives me ‘tired’
and that thing we call

i suppose it’s time to muster up energy
somewhere, somehow
and take back
the me that’s missing

the me with zip
the me with perk
the me with drive
and push through another day
of me having parkinson’s
and not letting it get
the best of me

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