Ready for A Laugh? A Normal Day with PD

A couple years ago, I asked readers if they had anything funny to share and one responded with this account of a normal day for someone with Parkinson’s disease. It is one of the funniest things I have ever read in this ‘genre’. I apologize that the copy I saved does not have the author’s name, so if you’re reading this and wrote it, please let me know so that I can give you credit.


Dear Diary, it is 3:45 am and I’m wide awake but am having difficulty getting out of bed.It was cold last night so I put on flannel sheets and a flannel nightie. Note to self-wear satin PJs when using flannel sheets so you don’t stick to the bed like Bible school felt board figures.

Dear Diary, it’s 8 am and I managed to use my headboard to pry myself out of bed. I have a new bruise because my left arm no longer swings so I move like a boat with a rudder stuck on turn. The shower felt wonderful but getting out was fun when my left foot froze, Glad I bought that gel bath mat as it softened my fall.My bra only took 15 minutes to put on today. Screw you Playtex.

Dear Diary,it’s 10 am. I’m working on a presentation.One handed typing isn’t so bad. My cat enjoys the left hand tremor. He thinks he is being patted.

Dear Diary it is noon. Time for round two meds. Why am I thinking about gambling, chocolate and sex? Back to work after I ride my Exercycle

Dear Diary, 3pm and Ellen is on TV. I danced with Ellen until my son came in and told me that I looked like an epileptic on crack..

Dear Diary,it is 6pm and I changed into my satin PJs early.@#!$% button on my jeans. Guess I need to pay more attention to my bladder.

Dear Diary, It’s 10 pm and I want to sleep but my left foot is keeping time to some music that only my toes can hear.OMG now my left leg is doing the Rumba.

Dear Diary, goodnight I just took enough pills to choke a horse. No I’m not attempting suicide. It’s just my night time dose.

Can you relate? I sure can!
Journeying with you ~ Sherri

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