Perspective – by Judy Hensley

20130302-192647.jpgThis has been some kind of emotional day for me. My good PD friend had neck surgery today and is doing well so far. A friend in another web group that I hadn’t heard from in awhile IM’d me. I got a call that an older lady in our support group had passed. And while I was feeling sad about that, I get an IM from a PD friend telling about how he kissed a ‘lil old lady and made her day.

I read about a teacher who feels somewhat sad this time of year, and I try to send a note of encouragement. Someone else with PD is excited about the Unity Walk, and that is just totally cool.

Some days I just can’t help it.Parkinson’s gets in my face. He (notice the gender designation I give it…lol) gets in my face and says, “Look there…you can’t even type a paragraph without 10 errors to fix!”

Isn’t it funny how you can’t get anywhere on time cause it takes longer to get ready? You can’t even keep your house clean and you aren’t working. You think you can make a difference selling calendars to raise money for a cure. You know everyone thinks you are just lazy or faking it”.

I just want to tell him to ‘SHUT UP–Leave me alone!!!! This is too hard without you in my face!’

And then I see some others I have met online that I’ll just call special angels. They remind me that my plight is not as hard. Some inspire me to know that the whiny attitude I have is so trivial and I watch how they rise above their circumstances. Like…

~ a friend w/PD who serves along side a husband in a faith supported ministry and whose heart is torn by a grown son who is wandering in life from the honorable teachings of his youth…now that is harder or

~ a friend with PD who has lost a home to fire…that is harder. Or

~ another one who is trying to learn about PD as she helps care for her mother with PD and her own family…that is harder. Or

~ a young teenager who is trying to find a reason for living without drugs in an atmosphere of constant peer pressure and little support at home…that is harder.

~ Like a teacher of special needs kids who is not sure anyone appreciates her efforts…that is harder or a friend with PD whose part of the county is iced in and some of those she loves may not have heat, or food…now that is harder. Or

~ another friend with PD who is trying to raise his teenage daughter in a blended family, love his wife’s kids, and keep encouraging others along the way…that is harder.

~ Then there’s a woman my age, married about the same length of time, who is fighting to keep her marriage intact …that is harder. Or

~ a friend with PD who only has the 9’ers football team to cheer for…now that is sorrowful (sorry uke…just had to lighten this up some)

…and my family and friends who put up with me and still love me.

I could go on and on, but thank God for the people He has placed in my life, and here in cyberspace, that encourage me to put Parkinson’s in his place and keep my eyes on the One with the master plan for my life. I will call these and many more…angels to my soul.

For now, I can’t get rid of Parkinson’s, but I can put him in perspective and keep on enduring, hopefully with a smile more than a scowl. And maybe I can be an angel for someone, someday.

“I will endure for a cure!”

~ Judy

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