Jesus Was Missing

Baby Jesus turned up missing one morning.

My granddaughter arrived at the usual time. After breakfast, she headed to the living room to get out the Little People nativity set. We had been talking about the nativity that particular week.  In this particular nativity set, there was a baby Jesus, a Mary and a Joseph, sone wise guys, sone shepherds, an angel, a cow and a few sheep. Oh, and there was a dog and every once in a while, a hot pink plastic van was used for Mary and Joseph to get around in.

The day before Mary and Joseph went for a drive with Jesus in his car seat, buckled safely in the back of the van. However, the very next day, baby Jesus came up missing.
We checked under the furniture they had driven by while out gallivanting around. Not there. We checked every room but Baby Jesus was nowhere to be found. After about thirty minutes of on and off seeking for the lost baby, we became distracted and busy with other things.
It made me think how Jesus comes up missing in my own life. Do I make a point of earnestly giving Him first placce as I did when I first knew Him? Do I strive to make Him the center of my life or do I get distracted and go on about my day, hoping He’ll turn up somewhere in it? Do I search diligently? He is never far, but it can seem or feel that way when I’ve pushed Him aside and allowed other people or other things to become my distracted focus.

I finally got on my knees and did another sweep of looking under the furniture. After all, how can you have a nativity without baby Jesus?

And then it happened.

“Hey Boo,” I called, “I found him! I found baby Jesus!”

My two-year old granddaughter came running with a smile plastered on her face.

“Baby Jesus!” she shouted and scooped him up, put him back in the van with his mom and dad and off they went to buy a Christmas tree for the stable.

Oh, to be like a child! To run to the Father when we get off course. To run to the Father when we are filled with joy. To be able and confident to just run to the Father!

Do you feel like Jesus is hiding from you? Do you want the intimacy back that you once shared with Him, making Him the most important thing of all? He says if we will seek after Him with all of our heart, we will find Him. (Jeremiah 29:13 NIV).

I think that’s a pretty great gift.

An Attempt at Ekphrasis


Ekphrasis or ecphrasis, from the Greek for the description of a work of art produced as a rhetorical exercise, often used in the adjectival form ekphrastic, is a graphic, often dramatic, verbal description of a visual work of art, either real or imagined.

The following is an attempt at a work of ‘ekphrasis’, inspired by a challenge given by a health site.
Pure, white petals
sit softly atop a limb,
reminding me not only of a new season
quickly approaching,
but new life given to me.
The importance
and pureness
of grace.

Grace so amazing.
Grace so undeserved.
Grace that keeps me
on ‘home’.

white petals
that remind me
of a Joni Earekson Tada song
from several years ago.

Injured while diving
one warm summer day
with friends.
She dove down into the lake near her home,
she never walked again
when she came up
out of the water.

After years of rehabilitation,
she has spent the rest of her days
encouraging others
without disabilities.

Here is her song
called, Joni’s Waltz, (song #7, 22:02 on YouTube)
written by Nancy Honeycomb:

Though I spend my mortal lifetime in this chair,

I refuse to waste it living in despair.
And though others may receive
Gifts of healing, I believe
That He has given me a gift beyond compare….
For heaven is nearer to me,
And at times it is all I can see.
Sweet music I hear
Coming down to my ear;
And I know that it’s playing for me.

For I am Christ the Savior’s own bride,
And redeemed I shall stand by His side.
He will say, “Shall we dance?”
And our endless romance
Will be worth all the tears I have cried.


Pure, white petals

a symbol of innocence regained,

life made new.