It Could Always Be Worse

Some days I feel like running, far and away. However, now instead of running, I’d have to shuffle to get there. Would this make the proverbial cup half-full or half-empty?

Let’s see… As I pondered the reality of the progression of PD, this is what I come up with:

You can barely brush your teeth alone.
Now, if your cup is half-full, your realize that you’ve got a great reason now to give to the dental hygienist when she gets all over you for not flossing six times an hour. However, if your cup is half-empty, when you smile there will be spinach stuck between your teeth and it will look like moss is growing out of your mouth. This could, however, could prove to be extremely useful in certain circumstances.

Hence, this is considered a half-full cup item. There is more positive than negative.

Now, take running for another example of PD’s progression. We don’t do it – well, some of us. We shuffle. Does this make the inability to run a half-full or a half-empty situation?
Well, half-full would mean that you enjoy the shuffle/walk and take hold of the great opportunity given you to stop and smell the roses, delight in the little creatures you see along the way, smile and say hi to a lonely soul who passes you on the other side of your pathway.

However, the half-empty syndrome can take over. For example, you may avoid roses and critters. You may think if you were to bend over to smell the lavendar in bloom, there’s a good possibility to get a bumble bee up your nose – and it does happen. Or you just might split open your pants.

So, which is it? I say the cup is still half-full, for the fragrance of that rose is worth every shuffled step, especially when the old smeller is losing it’s power because of the PD and every scent is a treasure.

 And, as long as we brought it up, what about the smell factor?

Many of us suffer from not being able to smell like we used to (I am referring to smelling with the nose here, not body odor.). Because of that, is this inability to smell an automatic half-empty viewpoint? No way! I thank God every time I hear someone pass gas that I can’t smell like I used to! It’s a blessing! You have got to take the blessings with the struggles or the struggles will just plain… stink!

My last point for now – tremors.

You may ask what good can there be in tremors? They shake you up, tire you out, stiffen what’s left of the word limber and they’re annoying. But, let me tell you a story about what happened the other day.

My husband and I were driving through Oregon on the way to my daughter’s graduation. It was windy as we drove along the Columbia River, headed toward Portland. The trees, covered with new growth, were swaying and their leaves literally looked as thought they were busy clapping in the wind. It instantly reminded me of the book of Isaiah, in the Old Testament where it says,

“You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace;
 the mountains and hills will burst into song before you,
and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.” (Isaiah 55:12)

My husband stopped at Multnomah Falls so that I could take a picture. I got out to take my pictures and above me was the largest bald eagle I had ever seen. I felt as though I could have touched it. It’s wingspread was enormous and it hovered above me for a good thirty seconds as I stood below him in awe. I was speechless at the beauty and glory of God.

And then I laughed.

I told God he was pretty amazing. I glanced at the trees and the power of a gust of wind pushed its way past me, creating a tremendous clapping of praise coming from the trees.

I stood in wonder and I lifted my right arm to the sky to thank God for such a wonderful moment. That’s when it happened. The tremors took over. As my arm was raised, my hand shook involuntarily. And bad. Or was it good? For, as I stood there, a tear went down my cheek as I realized that in unison with the leaves of the trees, my hand was moving in the same way and praising God.

Then and there, I’d say my cup was more than half-full.

PD might take my ability to move when and how I want to move, but it still allows me to praise God, sometimes in ways I would never imagine!

Isaiah spoke truth: God truly will lead us in joy and peace – into such a place where we, just like those trees, will be clapping in adoration and praise.

So, I’m putting a challenge before you. Next time you are holding what seems to be a half-empty cup in regards to life and the illness you have, put down the half-empty cup, wipe the spinach from your teeth, smell a beautiful rose, cover your backside, and then raise your hand in praise to God and remember… it could always be worse. You could have forgotten to wear underwear.

Journeying with you ~ Sherri

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