I Learned Anything

Finn First Fingerpainting
Finn First Fingerpainting

You’ve just gotten home from school.  A conference.  A training course.  What is one of the first questions you may be asked?

“Did you learn anything?”

I remember coming home from elementary school and being asked by my uncle, “Did you learn anything?”


No I didn’t.

That was my response, because day after day that’s how it felt.  That’s how it seemed.  But days after long days you realize you are learning.

I was asked just that question regarding the seminar I attended a couple of years ago.

“Did you learn anything?”

Anna Sanger Reed, one of the staff members of the Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon, came from Portland to Medford to teach a Parkinson’s Disease 101 event.  She gave an overview of Parkinson’s disease (PD), which included general information regarding what PD is and who can get it.  She went over the symptoms of PD, treatments and therapies available and other resources that are currently out there.

Anna mentioned a study done on depression in PD patients and the results showed that the disease progresses faster when depression is involved.  Makes you want to become a clown or buy one and have them around.  Maybe not.  Many people are scared out of their wits over clowns.  I guess they can be intimidating with that big hair, those big lips, the big shoes, and always hiding behind a painted face.

So, I guess that would be the anything I learned (that depression actually aids the progression of PD) which when I think about it, is good to know.  Because so many people can battle depression in PD, it’s important to know if you’re one of those people.

Do you feel ‘down’/’blue’?  Do you feel lifeless and tired, like you’re dragging?  You have no energy and  want to just crawl back into bed (if you got out) and go back to sleep?  Are  your thoughts focused on defeat or hope?

Because depression can be life threatening in it’s own way, it’s so very important to be aware of any signs that you may be struggling in this darkness and seek help right away from your doctor.  Or go get yourself a nice , well-behaved clown.

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