imageIn celebration of Parkinson’s Awareness Month, “author Alasdair Gardner has written a short story entitled Morning Chemical Assault about an army soldier in Iraq who is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and his struggle to accept the diagnosis— a short, easy read but provocative in its implications for a modern, aging society.”

Also, the book, “Parkinson’s First Hero: King David”, highlighted here, can be found for just $.99 at Amazon or, FREE on April 30th to wrap up Parkinson’s Awareness Month.

Also,  if you liked  Voyles’ (author of the King David) book, you may be interested in his first book Midnight in Florence ($.99 at Amazon). “It is seemingly a travelogue historical fiction but the underlying theme is a retrospective look at lives of notables (the Medici and Saint Francis) who succeeded in spite of health issues.. not dissimilar to PD.” (Info via Dr. Voyles)


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