Cozying In – by Judy Hensley

Photo by Sherri Woodbridge, 2012 (featured in Birds and Blooms magazine, March 2013)

And now a personal word…

It is a pleasure to be involved in this endeavor with SW! I by no means feel that I write well, but I do want to encourage others who are traveling this road with Parkinson’s. So I have agreed to join my friend Sherri and journey awhile here because I think she started ‘a good thang’, as we say in the south!

I met Sherri at an online Parkinson’s community called Daily Strength. I have met many wonderful people with Parkinson’s, but I feel Sherri is a special person with Parkinson’s who wants to help others find a smooth way to navigate this detour of Parkinson’s in our life’s journey. When I read things she writes my heart is always encouraged, and I guess you could say I’ve become a fan and friend. Her compassion, wisdom, and wit in her writing and personality bring a soothing and thought provoking response in me. And from many of our posts here, you can probably tell that our faith is a major sustaining factor in how we both face life with Parkinson’s. (I knew there was more than one thing I liked about her! lol)

I think it is important for us to know that we are not alone in our hopes, our wishes, our struggles, our faults, our accomplishments, and our times of just wanting to step back and take stock of what really is important to us! That’s why we’d like to hear from you, too!

Tell us what you find inspirational from living with Parkinson’s or just anything you’d like to share that might be helpful, uplifting, or thought provoking to others on this journey with us!

And… tell someone about this site, and let’s ‘cozy in’ and see what we can draw from each others insights and experiences to make this path of life with Parkinson’s one that hopefully will be a little easier traveled from a rest stop here!

~ Judy
(dxd with PD in 2002 at age 40)

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