On Coconut Oil and PD


Last year we brought you the story of a 74-year-old man suffering from Parkinson’s disease and his remarkable testimonial of how coconut oil changed his life (see: Coconut Oil Improves Life of 74-Year-Old Man with Parkinson’s.)

Now, he is taking an online “straw poll” of other Parkinson’s sufferers and their experiences in using coconut oil. Several have replied and here are some of the comments:

“I believe Coconut Oil decreased the size of my prostrate gland as indicated by much improved urine flow.”

“Major decrease in tremor when taking Coconut Oil while in ketosis.”

“COCONUT OIL has changed my life dramatically. I now:

Walk faster
Speak louder
Stand straighter
Cut my own meat
Button my own buttons
Brush my teeth without an electric toothbrush
Handwriting is improved
Can do more chores
Get out of chairs and cars much easier
I’m calmer and less nervous”
“Lessened tremors, no more problems with swallowing or saliva.”

“Weight stable, blood lipids good.”

Have you tried coconut oil? Have you noticed any differences?


2 thoughts on “On Coconut Oil and PD

  1. Hello….I was diagnosed in 2013 I am 74 and have gone the alternative route after reading all
    The negative side effects of regular meds. I feel and look darn good. Have plenty of energy,
    Sleep well manage multiple homes, etc.. I make a morning shake with coconut oil, walnuts,
    Banana, berries, almond milk, MACA, calcium, magnesium. Also digestive enzymes before
    Meals. I exercise every day. Most friends have no idea I have PD. Have tremor in left hand
    But not all the time. I can live with that. Will look into NUCCA therapy and PEMF. Meds
    Scare me. Has anyone tried either of these treatments?

    Have a nice day

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