What Michael J Fox Has In Common with Casey Neistat

img_0001What do Casey Niestat and Michael J. Fox have in common? They have both worn the made-famous-in-Back-to-the-Future-2’s “Nike Mag” Auto Lace Hi-Tops. Granted, Fox wore them longer, but Casey has tried them on and liked them.

When Niestat, who is becoming a name brand in and of himself, returned home the other day from grabbing a Juice Press drink, compliments of a happy follower from his YouTube channel, he was welcomed at his doorstep by a man by the name of “Thomas” who was holding two black bags. Thomas was a big man, sent to make sure the items in those two bags were hand delivered safely into Niestat’s hands.

What was in the packages were the innovative, automatic lace up shoes made by Nike, a replica of those worn by Fox in Back to the Future 2, which was released in November of 1989.

Because Niestat has so many followers on YouTube (coming up on nearly five million), with followers of every age and nationality, every shape and size, Nike most likely thought he would be a good target for reaching a whole lot of people for their campaign, which is a raffle to give away several pairs of these shoes in order to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

So Thomas handed over the merchandise and Casey tried on the shoes…

-Gray Hi-tops
-Three little lights/buttons – red, green, and yellow.
-Lace engine fitted into the bottom of the shoe
-Sensor which determines how much the shoe should be tightened with the foot inserted.

Pretty nifty. Casey was impressed.

He didn’t get to keep the shoes but he thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to try them on for Nike and promote the raffle in order to raise money for the Fox Foundation.

The MJFF is selling raffle tickets on their site for a giveaway for several of these shoes. All money is donated to the MJFF, which benefits Parkinson’s disease research.

The Fox Foundation site probably just boosted their site views just by having Niestat slip his foot into a tennis shoe. Well done, Casey, and – THANK YOU!