DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation)

Dr. Santiago, Boo's Black Doggy, and me after first programming of DBS stimulator.Photo taken 1/2011, two weeks post-op to have stitches removed and stimulator activated. Pictured right to left: Dr. Anthony Santiago,MD/MDS/VIP, Boo’s Black Doggy, and me after first programming of DBS stimulator. [Editor’s note: those pictured in photograph were not advised as to the color scheme of the day but merely have great minds that think alike and great taste in color.]

DBS is an abbreviation in Parkinson’s disease circles for the procedure known as Deep Brain Stimulation. This procedure is becoming more widely known, accepted and used to treat tremors and other complications brought on by the disease. Below are some links to more about DBS:

Battling the PD Monster: It’s Okay to Cry – Dealing with PD grief before a DBS surgery

My Journey with DBS: Deep Brain Stimulation – My surgery journey from 2 months prior to the pre-op process to DBS activation 2 weeks post-op at Barrow Neurological Center, Phoenix, AZ, with Dr. Anthony Santiago, MD,MDS overseeing.

My New Smile – The advantages of DBS surgery

DBS, Round Two… A look at my second experience going back to have the right side attended to.

What DBS Can and Won’t Do – The facts

What Is DBS? …Exactly. – A humorous but correct definition of what DBS is in medical terms.

How to do A DBS – a lighthearted article on doing your own DBS, because you just never know…

MedicineNet.com – questions about DBS answered

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