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I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease at the age of 44. Symptoms having started long before that, I battled through many tests, lab work-ups, procedures and the like to figure out what was going on. When the diagnosis finally came, I was relieved and although I had a name to the face of this little monster, it was a time of uncertainty.

I was scared, angry – I was grieving for what I had loss and what I could lose.

One day however, God reminded me that He’s in charge and He was in the muck with me and it was going to be okay. He had my back and whether I trusted Him or not is what it ultimately came to.

So, on that stormy, wintery day… I decided to let Him take me through these unchartered waters for I had learned through the years that He is faithful and full of grace.

From my personal experiences with PD, these are my stories – my journey. Stories of my own walk, some of others I have met along the way. Stories shared with you, with the purpose of (hopefully) being an encouragement and to bring hope to those walking a similar path and to assure you that… you are not alone.


Sherri Woodbridge,

Author and founder of Parkinson’s Journey, since 2007

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