2017 Gift List for People with Parkinson’s Disease

In previous years, I have compiled a Christmas list for Parkinson’s patients. Some of the most popular items have been terrycloth robes to dry off in when we just don’t have the strength or our balance is wavering. Also, satin pajamas makes turning over in bed so much easier.

This is an old favorite that I thank God for each day… an electric toothbrush! Who knew that someday a task like brushing your teeth would be so ridiculously difficult? It doesn’t have to be.

Yoga Toes are gel toe stretchers and separators for instant therapeutic relief for your feet and who, with PD, wouldn’t want to try some curling toe relief?

When I attended a Parkinson’s conference one summer, it was asked of a panel made up of doctors, people with PD, and others, “What is the best way to exercise?” and the doctor on that panel answered – get a dog. Yes, get a dog. Get a dog that will get you outside. Get a dog that will get you walking regularly, which is one of the best things a person with PD can be do.

A few suggestions for this year:

A reader offered the suggestion of a heated blanket throw. She says it helps her person with PD have “a more comfortable evening. They have been well worth the 40.00 investment… .”

A list of gadgets for people with PD can be found here, but I think the following is my all-time favorite:

Tickets of Love

These have always been a favorite among grandparents, given by grandchildren or to a parent from their child. It is a booklet of ‘coupons’ that is filled with little ‘gifts’ the giver (child or adult) wants to give the recipient. For example:

This coupon is good for one free hug.
This coupon is good for one free car wash.

You remember.

But how about kicking it up a notch for your very favorite person with Parkinson’s? Still a little booklet but filled with coupons relative to and helpful for that PD’er in your life. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

This coupon is good for a free foot rub or…

  • a free hair wash and style.
  • a free nail coloring session.
  • an afternoon walk.
  • a picnic lunch.
  • the reading of their favorite book out loud.
  • an afternoon ride to the ocean (lake, park, etc.).

Whatever you choose, with some thought and creativity, I’m sure it will be received with a grateful heart.

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