2014 Holiday Gifts/Ideas for People with Parkinson’s Disease

It’s that time of year again and so, here’s the 3rd annual list of great ideas for gifts for people with Parkinson’s disease and is suitable for those who live with other chronic illnesses. If you have ideas/suggestions not on the list, feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment.

  • Because people with PD and/or otherr chronic illnesses ingest so much medication, it can slow the outflow process. In other words, they can easily suffer from constipation. The Squatty Potty is a help to those who find it difficult to have bowel movements. For a list of Squatty Potties and their like-competitors, go here: Squatty Potty and such
  • Many people with PD who loved to write without the aide of a keyboard, sorely lose out when it comes time for sending (handwritten) notes any time of the year. Weighted pens (and pencils) are a god-send to those with PD, as they give more stability to a trembling hand.
  • A sturdy, plastic cup with a straw is a great and simple gift and there are so many fun ones to choose from. These are great for people with PD. They’re not only fun, but the straw stays put and are perfect since most PD patients do better using a straw when they drink. For the healthiest choice, choose BPA-free.
Readers Choices:
  • “One of the gifts I am proudest of (and has gotten most use, I think!) for my step-father with PD was an ink stamp of his signature. One of the first things he had trouble with was signing his name, and the stamp works perfectly on cheques, documents, etc. I took a high resolution scan of the signature from before he had the shaking, and then went to an ordinary business solutions website, [Staples, Office Max/Depot, etc) and voila! Now he can sign his own name and it looks like it used to.” (Note: Get the signature during a “ON” time of medication for best results for the best signature.) -submitted by Anonymou
  • “…for men who have always cut their own hair– military and men of a certain generation who just like to avoid the hassle of a salon. Remington makes a cordless short-cut clipper that is easier to hold and works just like a brush, specially on the back of the head. It’s a simple tool but keeps one more…task easier and in the home.” -submitted by Erin
  • “My wife was diagnosed with early onset PD early 2014 at the age of 43. She also has recently been diagnosed with Lupus. I purchased a Tens unit and an extra large 12×24 heating pad to help alleviate her aching muscles and joints. I will get her a few gift cards for massages from the local spa. I am also researching a percussion massager so I can help when she has a flare up and isnt feeling her best.” -submitted by Big Jake (Note: Please consult your doctor first before using the Tens unit for placement of pads if you have had DBS.)
  • “My father in-law has quite advanced Parkinson’s and I’ve just bought him a DAB radio. It will be ideal for when he’s not feeling to good too get out of bed or watch the TV. I think you can feel very lonely with Parkinson’s and hopefully the radio will help.” –  submitted by Claire


    And last but not least, a greast stocking stuffer would be a tube(s) of Arnica Gel. This works wonders for stiff necks/shoulders. It comes in cream (not greasy) as well, but the gel dries really fast. Both the gel and the cream work equally well. No fragrance. This really helps the stiffness in the neck which in turn helps to reduce the headaches associated with PD. I can attest to this fact!

    For a list of gift ideas from previous years, click here.  And don’t forget to leave a comment if you have a suggestion.

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